Alokito Bangladesh Foundation(ABF)

About Alokito Bangladesh Foundation

ALOKITO BANGLADESH FOUNDATION is a Society with a sole purpose to help everyone to shape their life & career as well. This society will bring revolution and ensure enlightened Bangladesh by performing social awareness programs like Self-purification, Career Counselling and Anti Drug Campaign and by distributing scholarships for poor and meritorious students. ABF started its journey in the year of 2013. It has more than Thirty thousands members all over the Bangladesh and in different parts of the world.


To become a leading Social Organization that works for enlightened Bangladesh.


1. To become an enlightened man by self-purification (Reading the meaning of Religious books and reminding death everyday). Then make the family, society and country enlightened.

2. To protest peacefully against any kind of social injustice and resist.

3. To Stand beside with people who don't have anyone with their respective capabilities.

4. To give Scholarship to poor and meritorious students and send them abroad with scholarship.

5. To ensure drug free next generation.

6. To encourage youth for self-employment.

7. To help students to make their future career plan.

8. To create modern social leadership.

9. To encourage the young generation to use controlled social media.


  • A.T.M. Iftekhar Hossain


    1003, Rose View Plaza, 185, Bir Uttam C.R. Datta Road, Hatirpool, Dhaka, Bangladesh


    +880 1742 742 831